Veiled women AREN'T oppressed

'Veiled women AREN'T oppressed. I feel empowered': Muslim style blog writer on coming to terms with wearing a hijab - and desiring other women to be proud of theirs

A blog writer has shared the emotional journey she went through wearing a hijab in the intend to motivate other women to welcome theirs.

Naballah Chi shared her personal story on her blog where she detailed how she eliminated her insecurities about her veil, discovering how to optimize it in the most stylish ways possible.

Naballah, who is based in Trinidad and Tobago, was raised in a conventional Muslim household, and accepted all of the principles that included her religion consisting of using a hijab.

When she reached university, Naballah states that she was torn in between her aspirations and her faith when she started going into beauty competitions.

In her open letter she writes: 'I had actually often felt that wearing hijab did not permit me to reach my real potential.

' I typically felt that I couldn’t participate in certain activities with my hijab and so this feeling had actually taken me down a road that I never ever want to travel on again.'

After having a problem with the choice whether to use a hijab or not during her pageants Naballah came to the decision to withdraw from the competition after confessing she seemed like 'a hypocrite.'

Naballah also stresses that contrary to popular belief, she does not feel oppressed by her hijab however feels quite the opposite.

She says: 'To me the hijab not only represents an obligation, modesty, purity, righteousness and security but genuinely is the ultimate state of regard and freedom.

' Some people think that veiled women are oppressed, but I feel more empowered than ever, despite the fact that I did struggle to come to terms with it in the beginning.'

Following her acceptance, Naballah has now gone on to run an effective YouTube channel with nearly 10,000 subscribers where she demonstrates the best ways to style a hijab.

The blogger likewise frequently shares images of her trendy and intense hijab styles on her Instagram account where she has actually amassed over 2,000 fans.

Speaking of her strong sense of design Naballah states that she has actually handled to wed religious beliefs and style hand in hand.

She informed the Metro: It’s simple, I enjoy my faith and I likewise like being elegant and fashionable but my faith precedes because it is what gives me direction; it is what I mean and stand by.