Where are the women like us? Style adverts

Where are the women like us? Style adverts including stick-thin young models leave nine out of 10 over 40s cold

Are you sick of being pounded by adverts including stick-thin twenty-somethings you haven t appeared like for decades?

Well put on t worry you’re not alone. For a research study has actually found that 9 out of 10 women aged 40 to 89 feel overlooked by mainstream style and beauty adverts.

The research shows that 91 percent of them stated they are erroneously and insufficiently represented or typically overlooked completely by the adverts they see on TV, online and in print.

And 97 percent said they wanted to see a higher number of older designs or celebrities consistently utilized in such marketing https://chescadirect.co.uk/.

Last year, research study showed the over-50s have actually ended up being the greatest buyers of beauty items in the UK.

The boom has been put down to cosmetic business such as L Oreal and NARS taking on older stars such as Dame Helen Mirren, 70, and Jane Fonda, 78, to sell their products.



Veiled women AREN'T oppressed

'Veiled women AREN'T oppressed. I feel empowered': Muslim style blog writer on coming to terms with wearing a hijab - and desiring other women to be proud of theirs

A blog writer has shared the emotional journey she went through wearing a hijab in the intend to motivate other women to welcome theirs.

Naballah Chi shared her personal story on her blog where she detailed how she eliminated her insecurities about her veil, discovering how to optimize it in the most stylish ways possible.

Naballah, who is based in Trinidad and Tobago, was raised in a conventional Muslim household, and accepted all of the principles that included her religion consisting of using a hijab.

When she reached university, Naballah states that she was torn in between her aspirations and her faith when she started going into beauty competitions.


Four of the very best independent clothes shops in Nottingham


This week marks the start of the It's in Nottingham Independent Campaign from the Nottingham Business District, offering an increase to independent stores, bars, restaurants and venues in the city.

Running until October, the project will include a competition to find Nottingham's Independent Business of the Year and a 24-page guide to the independent scene.

To celebrate the launch of the project we're highlighting simply how rich Nottingham's independent scene is by talking with 4 of the city's best independent clothing stores, just in time for some summer season shopping.

On your next trip down to the city, make sure you check out these independent clothes shops.

Stick & Ribbon, Bridlesmith Walk